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IT/Foundational Components = Business Results

01 June 2017

Authored by: Mark Dildilian, Dir. Marketing and Business Development

As with any business issue, strategy or discipline there exist “foundational components” that are absolutes in terms of impact and ultimate success for a business. One foundational component is the broad universe of Information Technology, or IT as we know it. Over the past decade, or two technology has driven limitless innovations that have had a profound impact in the way we live, learn and work.

Technological innovations have been revolutionary in the ability to 1) Force, and 2) Manage Change in the post 20th-century business environments (big and small). In the area of computers and software alone, changes and advancements have been immeasurable. However, it is not the rate of change specific to a sequence of time (e.g., calendar date) that one must account for, but rather the differing rate of capabilities, or progress that is delivered. For example, HTML/1, followed by HTML/2 represented gradual change... then came, HTML/4, HTML/5, then XHTML/1, FLASH etc.

The rate of technological change is not measured in a specified sequence of time but rather "progress"... which ultimately drives a different direction and/or a set of improved capabilities.

While technology, in general, is changing, the change or the progress in technology drives a - widening of the field - in terms of delivering differentiators such as convenience, productivity, and accuracy.

Therefore, and from a business perspective, foundational components are very important. These components need to be understood so that the business objectives and proper practices and protocols can be established up front ultimately, reducing/minimizing the risk(s) of failure... thus, promoting the success of key business and strategy initiatives.

From an IT perspective, foundational components can become intertwined with a myriad of computers, software, and complexity. This combination alone can affect this - widening of the field - in terms of the host of products and technologies that are either web-based, computer-based or solutions and programs that are bundled into adopted services. For example, large enterprises typically adopt computer technology to drive increased employee productivity... developing a crucial foundational component for a company's IT support service to manage.

While many technologies, software solutions and programs are used by businesses, these businesses need to manage specific day-to-day processes that require huge databases for the bulk of information that is collected and ultimately managed. A further example, of a foundational component, could become a software solution for managing the supply chain, or inventory such as product SKU's. Obviously, with the correct software/systems in place the enterprise can better track processes as data and figures now become automated, accessible, non- ad hoc and predictive in nature. In short, it then becomes crucial for these technologies, systems, solutions and programs to be managed as a holistic IT base that can be deployed and controlled as a function providing a foundational component. (On a side note, according to Quora: Walmart manages over 219,000 products SKU's per retail outlet).

The core premise of this INSIGHT was to discuss (albeit briefly) that the rate of change in technology (i.e., computers, software, systems, and programs, etc.) should not be specific to a sequence of time, but rather the differing rate of capabilities, or "progress" that they will deliver.

Can IT foundational components drive key business priorities? The answer to this question is YES. Forward-looking business leaders (CEO's, CIO's and IT Executives) will possess an incredible opportunity to harness this thought and leverage it as a competitive factor in the marketplace. However, this change is more than a combination of cloud computing, or the Internet of Things (IoT). The change is driven by mobile now being everywhere, social now means lifestyles being blended with commerce developing into a new foundational component of enterprise tech and personal tech. IT from an enterprise, or business perspective now means participating in the Global tech-everything arena!

At SITEK we embrace all the above and more. Moving forward we have identified a few priorities and trends that could strengthen your organizations IT department in becoming a driver of business results.

Please note the following priorities and trends:

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